The spreadsheets below provide calculations for a variety of video calibration tasks.

ΔE, LSH, and RGB Analysis

This spreadsheet calculates the ΔE for user supplied data of white and the primary and secondary colors against several common gamuts. The ΔE calculations include CIELUV, CIELAB, CIE94, and CIEDE2000. In addition to ΔE, it also calculates the % error of each color in terms of lightness, saturation, and hue. This is a useful adjunct to ΔE as it shows exactly where the errors lie. Finally, this sheet also shows the RGB balance of white.

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Secondary Chromaticity and Color Brightness Calculation

The xy coordinates of the secondary colors and the brightness of all of the colors are not fixed values, but are rather calculated from the primary colors and white point. This spreadsheet does those calculations for several common gamuts as well as for a custom, user-supplied gamut. This is useful for knowing the proper calibration targets for displays with a non-standard gamut.

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Color Decoding Analysis

This spreadsheet shows how color decoding errors lead to inaccurate reproduction. It considers Rec. 601, SMTPE 240M, and Rec. 709 coefficients and calculates the resulting errors in raw xyY data, dE, and % error in lightness, saturation, and hue. You'll see that the bulk of color decoding error appears with primary brightness and secondary hues.

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Correlated Color Temperature

This spreadsheet shows the CCT for any user-supplied xy coordinate.

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Color Format Conversions

This series of spreadsheets performs round-trip conversions for a variety of color spaces using user-supplied data. The conversions include:

xyY - RGB

xyY - Lab

xyY - Luv and xy-u'v'

xyY - XYZ